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What is IBM® Db2® on Cloud?


How it’s used

Web apps

Web apps

Store and retrieve web-application data from a database on the cloud, with an offsite disaster recovery node to help ensure availability.

WebSphere data

WebSphere data

Store and retrieve IBM WebSphere® Application Server on Cloud data from a database on the cloud, with an offsite disaster recovery node to help ensure availability.

Hybrid architecture

Hybrid data management

Use data virtualization to pull only the data you need into the public cloud, while keeping sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) data on premises.

Data science

Data science models

Data being stored and retrieved from a web server can be ingested, using IBM DataStage®, into on-premises or cloud data warehouses for building data science models.

Scalable web apps

Scalable web apps

Store your main application data, such as transaction and inventory data, in Db2 on Cloud, with an offsite disaster recovery node for an extra layer of resiliency.


Db2 on Cloud details

Fully managed service

Dedicated team, available 24x7, managing OS updates, security patches and more

High availability

Three HA-node configuration with multizone region support

Flexible scaling

Independent scaling of compute and storage based on need

Geo-replicated disaster recovery

Extended regional availability by adding an on-demand disaster recovery node

Data federation

Queries across PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL server and Db2 instances on cloud or on premises

Data protection

Built-in auditing, row/column access controls, IBM Key Protect and more

Inside the interface

Scale on demand

Product screenshot showing how to scale the cloud database

Scale on demand

Scale your cloud database on demand, managing data needs with ease.

Move data fast

Product screenshot showing how data migrates into the cloud database

Move data fast

Rapidly load data to your database on cloud from cloud-based storage or straight from your desktop.

Monitor storage

Product screenshot showing how you can monitor cloud database storage

Monitor storage

Monitor your cloud SQL database connections and storage usage with clear visibility.

Add disaster recovery

Product screenshot showing where you choose a cloud data center for disaster recovery

Add disaster recovery

Provision an identical instance in a separate data center for geo-replicated disaster recovery.

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