IBM Db2 Hosted features

Modernized data platform

Benefit from the agility and economics of a cloud infrastructure without losing administrative control.

High performance features

Provides advanced in-memory performance, columnar architecture, query optimization, high availability, data compression and other innovations to help you meet any cloud workload.

Hosted cloud database

Ideal for organizations with Db2 expertise looking for a hosted cloud database that gives them full administrative control.

Enterprise security

Provides the same security features as on-premises editions of Db2 including full administrative control over table-, row- and column-level access permissions.

Easy integration

Offers SQL compatibility with Oracle, making it easier to integrate with a variety of existing applications and databases.

Flexible scaling

In addition to standard configurations, clients can scale compute resources (Virtual Processor Cores and memory) up and down on-demand with independent scaling of storage resources to pay for only the resources being used.

Included in Db2 Bring Your Own License (BYOL) program

Announcement Letter 218-145 (PDF, 71 KB)

IBM offers true hybrid capabilities by providing access to selected services at a reduced cost if the client already holds entitlements for Db2 Developer, Db2 Advanced Edition, and Db2 Workgroup Edition.

Product Integrations


Fully compatible with Db2 and all Db2 tools. Migrate your data easily to the cloud.

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IBM Data Server Manager

Plugs into any Data Server Manager instance, letting you manage on-premises databases alongside cloud databases.

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