IBM named a leader

Gartner® releases 2021 Magic Quadrant® for Cloud Database Management Systems


Use cases

Web applications

Architecture diagram illustrating use of MongoDB databases for web applications

Web applications

MongoDB’s document data model makes it easy to store and combine data of diverse structures, with flexible data access and rich indexing functionality. The fully managed database offering from IBM allows you to focus on building scalable applications with open-source technology innovations. IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB drives the advancement of web and portable applications.  

Mobile applications

Architecture diagram illustrating use of MongoDB databases for mobile apps

Mobile applications

MongoDB and REST APIs drive real-time web and mobile applications. Build innovative applications using MongoDB with Angular, React, and Node.JS that scale to customer demands. With features such as flexible schemas, expressive query language, fast analytics, and much more, MongoDB is a pivotal piece of the swiftly advancing present-day application models.


Manage massive amounts of data with a highly available, scalable and flexible MongoDB database. 

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