Accelerate DBA and developer productivity

IBM Cloud® Databases for EnterpriseDB is a database engine that optimizes the built-in features of PostgreSQL.

Gain greater scalability, security and reliability along with enhancements that improve DBA and developer productivity. Take advantage of native integration with IBM Cloud and compatibility with Oracle databases.

How it's used

Consolidate databases

Consolidate databases

Get a suite of fully managed databases-as-a-service to meet your organization’s primary and auxiliary data store requirements.

Build cloud-native apps

Build cloud-native apps

Our security-rich, cloud-native architecture helps you take advantage of the automation and scalability of technologies such as Kubernetes, so your enterprise can bring new ideas to market faster.



Enterprise-class PostgreSQL

Optimize your database management

Fully managed EnterpriseDB

Focus on building applications, not routine tasks.

Highly available

Leverage availability zones for a 99.99% SLA.

Bring your own key

Retain control over access to encrypted data at rest.

Auto scaling

Scale automatically with custom parameters.

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