What is data refinery?

The data refinery tool, available with IBM Watson® Studio and IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog, saves data preparation time by quickly transforming large amounts of raw data into consumable, high-quality information that’s ready for analytics.

Data refinery features

Analyze and transform your data

different shapes arranged in the shape of a square, some connected with lines

Interactively discover, cleanse and transform your data with over 100 built-in operations. No coding skills are required.

Profile and visualize data

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Understand the quality and distribution of your data using dozens of built-in charts, graphs and statistics. Automatically detect data types and business classifications.

Connect to data wherever it resides

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Access and explore data residing in a wide spectrum of data sources within your organization or the cloud.

Governed self-service data preparation

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Automatically enforce policies set by data governance professionals.

Schedule job execution

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Schedule data flow executions for repeatable outcomes. Monitor results and receive notifications.

Serverless execution

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Easily scale out through Apache Spark to apply transformation recipes on full data sets. No management of Apache Spark clusters needed.

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Try the data refinery tool in IBM Watson Studio and IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog.