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What is IBM Data Refinery?

Data Refinery saves prep time by quickly transforming large amounts of raw data into consumable, quality information that’s ready for analytics.

IBM Data Refinery features

Analyze and transform your data

Uncover patterns by shaping and cleansing your data interactively with a wide array of data transformations.

Connect to data wherever it reside

Access and explore data residing in a wide spectrum of data sources within your organization or the cloud.

Visualize the data quickly

Understand the quality and distribution of your data using dozens of built-in charts and graphs.

IBM Data Refinery benefits

Powerful data transformation tool

Interactively discover, standardize, and transform your data with over 100 built-in operations. Perform transformations through code or point-and-click.

Connect to wide variety of data anywhere

Tap into data on-premises or in the cloud with connectors to over 25 different data sources. No need to download large data sets to your desktop.

Quick insight with powerful classification and profiling

Distribution and statistical metrics detect data types and anomalies (missing values, outliers). Use a large set of data types out of the box.

What is the best way to get started with IBM Data Refinery now?

Data Refinery is currently in open beta. Sign up to participate and explore the solution.