Deploy locally and scale globally to maximize choice and control

Deploy workloads in over 60 data centers, and now into 6 regions and 18 availability zones globally. Built to meet your needs for local access, low latency and certified security, IBM Cloud offers the most choice to decide where and how your data and workloads should run. Our availability zone design provides an easier and more effective way to design and operate applications and databases, making them highly available, fault tolerant and scalable.

Data Center Map

Datacenters map ( e.pageX, e.pageY ) : ( 179, 942 ) ( x, y ) : ( 14.5, 402 )
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Standardized, best-practices-based facilities

Each IBM Cloud data center features one or more pods, supporting thousands of servers. Space, power, network, personnel and internal infrastructure are optimized across all locations.

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Redundant, best-in-class infrastructure

Built with industry-leading hardware and equipment, and outfitted with multiple power feeds, fiber links, dedicated generators and battery backup. Redundant n+1 power and cooling resources are regularly inspected to guarantee stability.

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Better power, bandwidth and performance

IBM Cloud servers see high bandwidth and low latency due to availability zone connectivity and data replication across availability zones in the regional network. And run on IBM Cloud bare metal for single tenancy’s high-performance benefit.

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24/7 on-site security, with rigorous controls

All locations are secured, with server-room access limited to certified employees. Controls are vetted by third-party auditors and detailed reports are provided for your own security.

IBM Cloud federal data centers

Cloud infrastructure built to government specs

When you’re a US government agency, your servers, data center facilities and networks must adhere to strict regulations. IBM Cloud provides cloud infrastructure and government compliance that meets these unique requirements.

  • Reserved for government workloads only
  • Built to meet FedRAMP and FISMA privacy and security standards
  • Connected to each other through an independent, high-speed private network
IBM Cloud federal data centers

IBM Cloud regions

Focus on your app, not the infrastructure hosting it

Deploy your apps to different regions for latency or security considerations, with the option to deploy to one region or across multiple regions.

  • Build and extend web and mobile apps
  • Processing power to deliver continuous application changes
  • Fit-for-purpose programming models and services
  • Manageability of services and apps
  • Optimized and elastic workloads

Access the network of global data centers when you try IBM Cloud free.