Runkeeper creates a life-changing experience with IBM Cloud

Blind ultramarathon runner Simon Wheatcroft trains without a guide using Runkeeper. The app's sound-and-touch interface and geo-spatial data inform Simon how far he has run and his pace. Runkeeper’s developers use IBM Cloudant database-as-a-service (DBaaS) rather than building and managing databases in-house. Runkeeper manages:

• 50 million users with all data saved in triplicate
• 120,000 global data requests every second
• 50 terabytes of data across more than 100 types of connected devices

The IBM Mobile Platform simplifies and speeds development so Runkeeper's developers can focus on the user experience and features.

Learn about the innovative cloud building blocks you can use to build mobile apps and scale data to meet increasing user demands.

New data, new opportunities

IBM Cloudant is a fully managed DBaaS for fast-growing mobile and web apps
What makes IBM Cloudant unique is its advanced indexing and ability to push data to the network edge, across multiple data centers and devices, for faster access and greater fault tolerance. It allows users to access data any time, anywhere.

Mobile experience

IBM Mobile Foundation
Build, secure and manage your entire mobile application portfolio with a single, full-featured development platform.

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