Optimizing indoor environments to improve health and performance

If you’re like most people, you spend around 90% of your time indoors – a stat that may make fitness experts shudder. But thanks to Wellness Real Estate and technology firm Delos, your time inside can be healthy.

Delos is transforming where you work while generating terabytes of research data to understand how indoor spaces impact human health. But the company’s researchers needed a technology partner to help them analyze all of this data faster and for deeper understanding. Working with IBM, Delos can now accelerate data analysis and gain greater insights that can drive the design of healthier building solutions.

Using IBM Watson™ cognitive and data analytics services on the IBM Cloud platform, Delos can:

  • Empower its researchers at the Well Living Lab with advanced technologies for understanding their vast volumes of data
  • Envision innovative yet practical design, construction and management of healthier indoor spaces using evidence-based findings
  • Identify the potential return on investment that can be achieved with healthier living and working environments

Explore the solution building blocks

Transforming app development for speed and effectiveness

Key to the Delos and IBM partnership is the unique IBM Cloud Garage consulting practice. Designed to help accelerate application development, the Cloud Garage places IBM experts in development best practices and cloud technologies side-by-side with Delos researchers to rapidly identify, design, prove and build scalable apps. Working in an innovative design space in New York City, the IBM and Delos team integrates IBM Cloud services into innovate apps designed to deliver new insights into the connection between human health and indoor spaces.

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Understanding the connection between health and indoor spaces

The Well Living Lab is a unique research facility that simulates a variety of real-world living environments. Experts use participant medical histories, surveys and data from thousands of embedded sensors and wearable technologies to study the effects of indoor environments on human health and well-being.

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Powering your apps with cognitive capabilities for competitive gains

With Watson on the IBM Cloud, you can easily integrate cognitive computing into your apps to generate greater understanding and insights. APIs for language, vision, speech and data are just a click away within the IBM Cloud platform.

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