With IBM Watson, students are bringing cognitive computing to game design

The goal of teacher David Conover’s serious game design class at Connally High School is to help at-risk students go to college or find jobs. IBM Watson is helping students work as a team to develop serious games with that goal in mind.

Using Watson and the IBM Cloud platform, students have:

  • Built a serious gaming mod of Minecraft that simulates the human body fighting diseases
  • Received real-time feedback on their work
  • Realized their artistic designs in a game environment

Learn about the cloud building blocks that have enabled Conover’s students to bring their ideas to life.

Serious gaming

Smarter serious games
IBM integrates real processes and real data into problem-solving games. Tap into the power of your organization's collective intelligence and apply it to understanding and overcoming challenges that until now were deemed unapproachable.

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Add cognitive to your apps with IBM Watson on Cloud
Use language, vision, speech and data insight APIs with numerous services and options for developing cognitive applications. A full library of APIs is available through IBM Cloud to help you unleash creative intelligence to the world.

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