What do you get with the IBM Cloud free tier?

Free Kubernetes cluster

Explore the free tier

Sign up for a free IBM Cloud™ account and get a free cluster. With the IBM Cloud free tier, you can take advantage of many popular offerings at no cost. Then, upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go plan for a USD 200 credit to use on any IBM Cloud product.

Pricing plans


Shared worker nodes allow storage of your physical resources on the same hardware as other IBM customers

2x4 - Shared

2 CPUs, 4 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD


USD 0.11 / 1 - 150

USD 0.11 / 151 - 290

USD 0.10 / 291 - 540

USD 0.10 / 540+


Dedicated worker nodes ensure complete isolation of your physical resources

2x4 - Dedicated

2 CPUs, 4 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD


USD 0.34 / 1 - 150

USD 0.32 / 151 - 290

USD 0.31 / 291 - 540

USD 0.29 / 540+

Bare metal

Bare metal worker nodes

4x32 - Bare metal small

4 cores, 32GB Memory, 2TB SATA, 10Gbps Bonded Network

USD 786.00 / Instance

The price listed for this plan is per Instance per Month

Container Service Multizone Load Balancer

IBM Cloud Container Service Multizone Load Balancer provides load balancing across zones in same region.

USD 0.02 / Instance-Hours


1 Subnet with 8 Portable Public IPs

USD 16.00 / Item

Get started today with a free IBM Cloud account

What can you do with your free IBM Cloud account?

  • Build a microservice application on a secure Kubernetes cluster.
  • Customize management of Kubernetes worker nodes, while IBM manages master node.
  • Bind your app with advanced services such as IBM Watson™ and blockchain.
  • Access your familiar development tools on one platform.