New discounts on Intel® Xeon® IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

USD 500 off Intel® Xeon® 8260 Processors**

Ideal for high-capacity demands, server consolidation, and roll-your-own-virtualization.

50% off 10 Gbps uplinks on any server for life**

Ideal for HPC, virtualization, and database applications.


Mind your business, not the cloud

You’ve got more important things to do than worry about your cloud infrastructure. A business to run, employees to inspire and innovations to rapidly develop, test and get to market. You can’t afford to lose focus on what matters — your customers. IBM Cloud® can help ensure your cloud computing infrastructure doesn’t get in the way of your success.

Why compute services on IBM Cloud

Infrastructure for any workload

Get the infrastructure control you want or need.

Bare metal servers

Get single-tenant cloud servers dedicated to you, unshared server resources, with hourly or monthly pricing.

Virtual private cloud

Get your own protected space in the IBM Cloud with the IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC. Expect the security of a private cloud with the agility of a public cloud.

Virtual servers for classic infrastructure

Public, dedicated, reserved and transient virtual servers enable you to provision and scale virtual machines on demand.


Build and deploy in the cloud; orchestrate with a managed Red Hat® OpenShift® or Kubernetes service.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

Take advantage of multiple, isolated, enterprise-grade Cloud Foundry platforms on demand.


Run your application, job or container on a managed serverless platform with IBM Cloud Code Engine.


Bare metal servers or virtual?

Why choose bare metal servers or virtual servers for the cloud infrastructure to run workloads

Kubernetes: A complete guide

All about the container orchestration tool that deploys, scales and manages containerized apps

Container orchestration explained

A combination of Docker containers, Kubernetes technology and an intuitive user experience

Try a compute service on our free tier

Get a no-expiry Lite account, a USD 200 credit and access 40 services. No charge.


** Promotions valid on new orders only, through December 31, 2022, or while supplies last. These promotions cannot be combined other promotions or offers. The “USD 500 Off 8260 promotion” is applicable to 4-drive IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers featuring Intel®  Xeon® 8260 processors, and is open to all operating systems across all IBM Cloud Data Centers. The “50% off 10 Gbps uplinks promotion” is applicable for any IBM Cloud Bare Metal Server featuring Intel(r) Xeon(r) Processors, is open to all operating systems, and excludes Amsterdam 01, San Jose 01, Singapore 01, Wash 01, DAL 05, DAL 06, and Hong Kong 01 IBM Cloud Data Centers.