What is Compose for RabbitMQ?

Support multiple messaging protocols with the message broker that lets you route, track, and queue messages with customizable persistence levels, delivery settings, and publish confirmations.

Compose for RabbitMQ features

Management plugin

Administer your Compose for RabbitMQ deployment either through a command line tool or via a browser.

The AMQP advantage

The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), the core messaging protocol, is the underlying fabric of a RabbitMQ exchange cluster. AMQP offers a supportive, connective interface and four different exchange types: direct, fanout, topic, and headers.

Configuration choices

RabbitMQ deployments start with three nodes and two HAproxy portals. The three nodes each contain 256MB memory and 256 MB of storage. Each of the two HAproxy portals have 64MB of memory.

Rabbit MQ for Compose versions

Fully-managed RabbitMQ

Get what you need to run RabbitMQ out of the box

Compose Enterprise

Get a private, isolated cluster of dedicated physical machines with the added security required by enterprise compliance and dedicated networking.

Customer success stories

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