What is Compose for MongoDB?

Compose for MongoDB gives MongoDB even more power by giving you an easy, auto-scaling deployment system which delivers high availability and redundancy, automated no-stop backups and much more.

Compose for MongoDB features


Each deployment is built as a highly-available clustered-configuration with multiple data nodes for redundancy. The Mongo/HAproxy configuration can transparently switch to the current primary, and multiple nodes add another level of redundancy.


As disk usage grows, the Compose platform will automatically allocate extra resources to maintain a proportional ratio between storage and memory so your database is always performant.


Automated backups are made every day and retained for 7 days along with 4 weekly backups and 3 monthly backups plus an on-demand option. The on-demand option for backups allows up to 10 backups to be made a week all at no additional cost.

How customers use it

Modern web application using MEAN stack

This tutorial walks you through the creation of a web application using the popular MEAN stack. It is composed of a Mongo DB, Express web framework, Angular front-end framework and a Node.js runtime.

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Modern web app using MEAN Stack architecture diagram

Compose for MongoDB versions

Fully-Managed MongoDB

Everything you need to run a performant MongoDB database, fully-managed and cloud-hosted.

Compose Enterprise

A private isolated cluster of dedicated physical machines to provision databases with added security, isolation and performance.

Customer success stories

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Deploy a production-ready, cloud-hosted MongoDB instance in just minutes with just a few clicks on IBM Cloud.