What is Compose for JanusGraph?

IBM Compose for JanusGraph is designed to help you answer questions about large or complex networks of interrelated data. It enhances the power of data connections by letting you store, query and visualize data points, connections and properties in a property graph.

Compose for JanusGraph features

Vertical or horizontal scaling

JanusGraph scales vertically and horizontally. Vertical scaling allows you to add memory to the JanusGraph Engines or JanusGraph Storage and horizontal scaling for JanusGraph Engines provides more throughput.

Apache TinkerPop compliant

Retrieval of data from complex graph structures is enabled by JanusGraph’s Apache TinkerPop compatibility allows users to perform efficient queries that would be difficult or impossible with a traditional RDBMS.

JanusGraph has two major elements. The graph processing is done by memory optimized two Engine nodes. Behind the Engines is JanusGraph Storage, a three node Scylla cluster with full replication between nodes, guaranteeing your data is always there when you need it.

Compose for JanusGraph versions

Fully-Managed JanusGraph

Everything you need to run JanusGraph and start querying in a fully-managed and cloud-hosted envirmonment.

Compose Enterprise

A private isolated cluster of dedicated physical machines to provision databases with added security, isolation and performance.

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