Compose Features

Eight databases, one platform

IBM Compose offers a database for every developer's needs on one easy-to-manage platform. Choose from MongoDB, Elasticsearch, MySQL, RethinkDB, ScyllaDB, JanusGraph, RabbitMQ, or etcd. You can also build your data stack with pure polyglot persistence by combining several databases to ensure your data is used to the fullest, giving your application, analytics, or APIs the best access possible.

Rich API

The Compose API gives developers and users programmatic control over the database deployment capabilities, enabling them to automate the creation, management, and deletion of all Compose database types. The Compose API currently comprises of a set of REST endpoints which allow developers to query account information, query deployments available to an account, create new database deployments, and track the progress of creation of new deployments and other jobs.

Auto everything, fully-managed

Depending on the database, we track either storage or RAM and automatically detect when your database needs more, adding appropriate bundles of either. Or you can take control yourself and manually add capacity in anticipation of traffic. Plus, Compose databases always have the resources they need to scale, high availability configurations with multiple nodes spread over local zones, ready to take over in the event of failure. Access portals are redundantly provisioned to provide a second layer of failover. Daily, weekly, and monthly backups are included without affecting database performance.

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