Diagram of IBM Cloud Pak System ecosystem connecting to data center and Edge with VMware, Red Hat and OpenShift

What is IBM Cloud Pak System?

IBM Cloud Pak® System is a turnkey private cloud solution that makes it easier for organizations to deploy and maintain an enterprise-grade private cloud for VM and container-based applications, while avoiding the expense and complexity of traditional private cloud solutions.

The IBM Cloud Pak System is an assembled, factory-integrated system that comes with VMware and Red Hat® OpenShift® environments ready to deploy applications and middleware in just hours.

Accelerate modernization today

IBM Cloud Pak System: Fast, open and scalable

Deploy IBM Cloud Paks and Red Hat OpenShift in just hours.

Deploying traditional OpenShift runtime environments for IBM Cloud® Paks can be complex. On delivery, IBM Cloud Pak System includes all the hardware and software you need to stand-up and operate OpenShift environments for IBM Cloud Paks on VMware virtualized infrastructure. Non-specialists can use an automated guided experience to reliably and repeatably deploy OpenShift instances right sized for IBM Cloud Paks in about an hour.

Graphic of systems deploying runtime environments for virtualized infrastructure

Dramatically reduce skills needed to deploy and support your private cloud

Traditional private clouds require experts to build custom integrations with IT automation and management tools and to securely maintain them. IBM Cloud Pak System includes factory integrated automation, automation templates, and management tools for deploying and maintaining the health of VM and container-based application environments. Further simplify operations and control costs by leveraging IBM to provide on-site support for full rack maintenance and updates.

Graphic of open technology simplifying operations with automation and management tools

Easily scale your private cloud to meet changing demand

Your private cloud needs to keep up with your organization’s evolving demands. IBM Cloud Pak System features modular building block hardware that makes it easy to scale out and add capacity. IBM Cloud Pak System can be partitioned into multiple zones, enabling one system to support multiple projects. Integrated zone management software enables you to quickly move resources across zones and to dedicate compute nodes to hot stand-by for high availability.

Graphic of scaling with modular building block hardware

Explore IBM Cloud Paks, available for deployment on your IBM Cloud Pak System

Innovation at scale matters

It isn’t enough to have a world-shattering idea if you don’t have the technology infrastructure to support change and execute at scale.

Hurwitz & Associates, Understanding IBM’s Hybrid and Multicloud Strategy

IBM Cloud Pak System: A fully integrated, converged cloud infrastructure

  • Highly available hardware foundation includes CPU, memory storage and network
  • Efficient VMware virtualization extends your hardware investments
  • Integrated container platform features Red Hat Enterprise Linux® virtual machines, Red Hat OpenShift cloud platform, and container orchestration with Kubernetes*
  • Robust management tool set helps you manage templates, users and security, maintenance and upgrades, and backup and disaster recovery
Group of logos including Red Hat, Intel, VMware, Lenovo, and others

Extend the value of your IBM Cloud Pak System

IBM Cloud Paks

Explore enterprise-ready, containerized software solutions for applications, automation, data, integration and multicloud management.

IBM Marketplace

Shop the full IBM software portfolio, open source and third-party products on the IBM online store.

Client custom and legacy software

With IBM Cloud Pak System you can manage both modern and legacy applications, simultaneously and seamlessly.

Choose the right deployment option for your business

HDD-based Intel model

  • 32-320 cores – expansions available
  • 24 TB (HDD) storage – expansions available
  • VMware with support for IBM Cloud Private and Red Hat OpenShift
  • Optimal for any cloud application workloads on an Intel platform

SSD-based Intel model

  • 32-448 cores – expansions available
  • 36 TB (SSD) storage – expansions available
  • VMware with support for IBM Cloud Private and Red Hat OpenShift
  • Optimal for low-latency data-driven workloads on an Intel platform

HDD-based IBM Power model

  • 40-200 cores – expansions available
  • 96 TB (HDD) storage – expansions available
  • IBM® PowerVM® with support for IBM Cloud Private and Red Hat OpenShift
  • Optimal for any cloud application workloads on an IBM Power® platform

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*Integration does not include a license for Red Hat OpenShift. Customers can supply their own, or get one with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications.