Pricing plans

Cloudant Lite

Perpetually free Lite tier for evaluation and development with a fixed amount of provisioned throughput capacity and storage.

Cloudant Standard

The paid Standard plan offers configurable provisioned throughput capacity and data storage pricing that scales as your application requirements change.

Pricing details

Cloudant allows you to scale up and down your provisioned throughput capacity, which is a reserved number of lookups, writes and queries each second allocated to an instance. The throughput capacity level is the maximum usage level and any attempt to exceed the reserved capacity will cause an HTTP 429 status code that indicates that the application is trying to exceed its provisioned throughput capacity allowance.

The Lite plan is perpetually free for use and provides 20 Lookups/second, 10 Writes/second, 5 Queries/second and 1 GB of data storage. The Standard plan is backed by 99.95 percent SLA at all price points, and changes to provisioned throughput capacity are usually available within seconds.

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