Pricing plans

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Get full functionality for development and evaluation with a set capacity. Only one Lite plan instance is allowed per account.


Serverless scaling of throughput and storage means you only pay for what you need. Get granular control over provisioned throughput capacity allocated. Billing is prorated hourly.

Starting at USD 75.00/month

Standard on Transaction Engine

Learn more about the Transaction Engine plan

Uses the next generation data layer architecture from IBM, which helps deliver lower costs, no conflicts in-region, and scalable and consistent querying. Billing is prorated hourly.

Starting at USD 22.00/month

This plan provisions a bare metal dedicated environment for the sole use of your Cloudant Standard plan instance(s) for isolation, security and compliance purposes.

Starting at USD 5,000/instance

Compare pricing plans

Resource Lite Standard Standard on Transaction Engine

Fixed at 20 reads/second

USD 0.000342/hour

USD 0.25/month

USD 0.00012/hour

USD 0.0876/month

Writes/second Fixed at 10 writes/second

USD 0.000685/hour

USD 0.50/month

USD 0.00048/hour

USD 0.3504/month

Global queries/second

Fixed at 5 global queries/second

USD 0.00685/hour

USD 5.00/month

Not applicable
Data storage/GB Fixed at 1 GB

USD 0.00137/hour

USD 1.00/month

USD 0.000342/hour

USD 0.25/month


How does provisioned throughput capacity pricing work?

Provisioned throughput capacity is based on a reserved amount of throughput operations that you select for your Cloudant instance. The capacity is based on a peak allowed number of operations per second, broken down by specific request classes of reads, writes and global queries. The throughput allowed is rate limited on a per-second basis against the provisioned throughput capacity set for the instance at that time. Users pay prorated hourly charges based on the capacity set, not on a metered volume of request sent.  


How do I know I exceeded the capacity limit that I set?

Users will receive a 429 status code "too many requests" response if the number of operations per second exceeds the provisioned throughput capacity allocated for a given request class. There are various UI and API options available to view consumption of throughput and occurrences of rate-limited operations. 

Where can I see my usage data?

You can see your current and historical usage bills in IBM Cloud® dashboard. Go to Manage > Billing and usage > Usage. Here you can see the total charges and usage for the month by service, plan or instance. Only the hourly costs that are accrued for the current month and time are available. 

Can I change my capacity setting?

You can change your provisioned throughput capacity and see your current capacity settings in IBM Cloud dashboard. Launch IBM Cloud dashboard, choose Cloudant instance page > Manage > Capacity tab to view and change your provisioned throughput capacity and see the hourly and approximate monthly costs. See documentation for more information.


How does the pricing for data usage work?

Storage included
Overage limit
1 GB

Your account is blocked from writing new data until you delete enough data to be under the 1 GB limit or upgrade to the Standard plan.

20 GB
Additional storage costs USD 0.0014 per GB/per hour, which is approximately USD 1/GB per month.
Standard on Transaction Engine
25 GB Additional storage costs USD 0.000342 per GB/per hour, which is approximately USD 0.25/GB per month.


What happens if I exceed the 1 GB storage limit on the Lite plan?

Storage usage is checked daily. If you exceed your 1 GB storage limit, requests to the IBM Cloudant instance receive a 402 status code with the following error message, "Your Lite account contains over 1 GB of data, and is restricted. To remove the restrictions on your account, upgrade to a paid plan, or delete data (link resides outside to return storage to under the 1 GB limit. Restrictions are lifted after daily storage assessment completes." You can still read and delete data. However, to write new data, you have two options. First, you can upgrade to a paid Standard plan, which removes the write limitation immediately. Alternatively, you can delete data so that your total storage falls under the 1 GB limit and wait until the next daily storage check runs for your instance to allow writes again.

If you want to store more than 1 GB of data, or be able to scale provisioned throughput capacity, move to the Standard plan.

How many Lite instances can I create?

You're limited to one IBM Cloudant Lite plan instance per IBM Cloud account. If you already have one Lite plan instance, you cannot create a second Lite plan instance or change a Standard plan instance to a Lite plan. If you try, you will see the following message, "You can have only one instance of a Lite plan per service. To create a new instance, either delete your existing Lite plan instance or select a paid plan."