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Gartner recognizes IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps as an outstanding vendor

Use cases

Application impact avoidance

Screenshot showing Watson AIOPs incident detection capabilities

Application impact avoidance

Correlate across all relevant data sources. Detect hidden anomalies, anticipate issues and resolve faster. Proactively avoid risks and automate runbooks for more efficient workflows.

Governance and compliance

Screenshot showing dashboard of governance and risk container policies, policy violations and VM policies and violations

Governance and compliance

Detect policy violations and automate remediation actions across resources to help achieve compliance. 

Hybrid application management

Screenshot showing hybrid app management dashboard of the topology for a train ticket application

Hybrid application management

Obtain an integrated view of your hybrid applications and infrastructure to understand inter-dependencies.

Cost management

Screenshot showing a cost management dashboard of chargeback rates, a list of policy violation findings and an explanation of runtimes and actions to take

Cost management

Establish KPI baselines using cost management tools to help understand efficiencies and define cost models to optimize your infrastructure and application deployments.


Screenshot showing an observability graph


Use Instana to better understand the health and performance of your applications and collect IT, digital experience and other dimensions of data relevant for risk analysis and automation.

Automate with AI

Learn how automating ITOps can reduce churn and enable efficient teamwork in this Gartner webcast.


Transform IT operations with AIOps and ChatOps


Get everything you need to automate your IT operations

Specialized ITOps automation capabilities for an integrated, AI-driven toolchain are built on top of powerful automation services that underlie all four IBM Cloud Paks for Automation. Get insight into how your processes run, visualize issues, pinpoint fixes and prioritize actions.


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