What is application-centric monitoring?

Application-centric monitoring means building an application topology that accounts for the complexity of modern IT environments from the beginning. Rather than gluing disparate tools together with a disjointed view of the infrastructure, application-centric monitoring is driven by microservices. Centralized microservice monitoring pinpoints issues based on downstream dependencies and provides the most accurate context for SRE teams to resolve issues quickly, before they affect end users.


Single source visibility

Gain actionable visibility into container and VM application environments alongside infrastructure management tools so ops and SRE teams can manage entire IT environments from a single control plane.

User monitoring

Measure availability, response time and user satisfaction from a single control point across geographic locations.

Kubernetes monitoring

Visually identify problems in Kubernetes clusters with a dynamic view of nodes, pods and containers correlated to activity in the cluster to define issues at the microservice level.

Integrated event management

Automate management of incidents and events that are associated with resources and applications to reduce manual processes in incident resolution.

Resource monitoring

Collect metrics from infrastructure and get proactive alerts on threshold breaches.

CI/CD analytics 

Support DevOps with metrics history, trends and forecasts using dynamic baselines, predictive analysis and log search.


Manage and monitor applications in one place

Get to know the built-in application management and application monitoring capabilities of the IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management. See where applications are running, check their health and get real-time metrics.

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