Boost efficiency and readiness, trim costs

In complex environments with huge datasets, IT operations teams struggle to filter through noise and consistently derive insights. Traditional management technologies can increase costs, maintenance problems and time to resolution.

AIOps automation provides highly scalable event correlation, advanced analytics, machine learning and dynamic topology mapping. Use AIOps automation to boost operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve readiness.


Enhance AIOps with automation

Single-source visibility

Gain visibility into container and VM application environments and management tools, and manage all from a single control plane.

Event data in context

See patterns and trends in operations data so teams have the power to speed up probable cause determination.

Automated event grouping

Use automated consolidation and event grouping to reduce trouble ticket volume and to speed discovery of root causes.

Automated responsiveness

Execute guided or fully-automated responses for rapid incident resolution and to minimize manual intervention.

Proactive remediation

Discover potential incidents before they occur, using machine-learning software that becomes smarter over time.

Predictive incident prevention

Identify where minor indicators lead to more severe problems and intervene before applications and services are impacted.

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