Enterprise-grade solution. Straight forward pricing.

The IBM Cloud Pak™ for Integration pushes the boundaries of a hybrid integration platform by combining proven market-leading capabilities with the latest technologies to support a modern, agile approach to integration across a hybrid multicloud ecosystem.

The IBM Cloud Pak for Integration offers a simple pricing model which consists of a single metric that works across each integration capability, so you don't have to keep track of multiple varying metrics and consumption tools.

Architectural requirements constantly evolve, making it essential to have the flexibility to invest in the capabilities you need when you need them. Change how you use different components of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration without having to change the licensing — reducing the amount of time you need to spend planning your integration architecture.

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Existing IBM customer? Trade up today.

Leverage your existing investment in IBM Cloud Integration solutions with the latest capabilities, by trading up to the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration.

Whether you are modernizing integration to drive digital transformation or extending the reach of IBM Cloud Integration within your organization trading up provides a simple path to consolidated management of the broadest set of integration capabilities available.

Deploy anywhere

IBM Cloud™ Paks offer a truly hybrid multicloud solution to the complex multicloud ecosystems evolving in many organizations.

As the first integration platform with best-in-class support for Kubernetes, the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration supports deployment on premises or within any cloud by leveraging RedHat OpenShift, thus reducing operations and administration expenses.

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Integration priced for flexibility

Only pay for the capability you use. Contact IBM for more information on pricing.