What is API lifecycle management?

API lifecycle management capabilities allow you to more securely and successfully expose, manage, share and monetize APIs across clouds — powering digital applications and spurring innovation. IBM API Connect® enables you to centrally manage your APIs across multicloud deployments. It holds 22 percent of the market share, more than any other competitor.¹


Take control of your API ecosystem

With IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration, you get …

Hardened security policies

Secure, control and mediate your APIs through a variety of standards and policies.

API product management

Promote APIs along the lifecycle and bundle APIs into products.

Award-winning self-service portal²

Engage internal and external API consumers with a fully customizable portal.

No-code API testing

Save time with automated testing to validate API behavior through visual composer.

API acceleration toolkit

Create language-independent APIs backed by industry standard OpenAPI definitions.

High-performance cloud-scale

Scale seemlessly to meet your SLAs with microservices-based cloud-native architecture .



“With IBM API Connect [lifecycle management capabilities], we can get new features to market up to four times faster.”

– Eric Barault, co-founder and technical director, Carbip


¹ IDC Worldwide Integration Middleware and API Management Software Market Shares, 2017: Business Is Booming Including License Revenue, July 2018.

² https://developer.ibm.com/apiconnect/2019/03/05/ibm-api-connect-wins-2019-if-design-award/