How pricing works

Full flexibility

Unlike other providers, IBM delivers a flexible pricing model that lets you transition your traditional apps gradually to cloud. Choose from perpetual or term-based pricing options. Get access to IBM’s most powerful platforms and tools in a cost-effective manner. Access the capabilities and technologies that your teams need to modernize operations and applications.

Ratio-based pricing

This product uses Virtual Processor Core (VPC). VPCs required per product will be governed by a ratio table. Ratio-based pricing gives you the flexibility to deploy and re-deploy any product in the bundle. You can feel assured that you get better pricing and more flexibility than if you purchased separate licenses.

Deployment details

Deploy any of the products on VMs or on containers if containers are supported. To make the most of your existing investments, choose the programs from the list below that you want to use. You only need entitlements for the programs that you deploy. When you buy one VPC of the IBM Application Platform bundle, you are entitled to run any of the following:

  • One VPC of IBM WebSphere® Network Deployment
  • Three VPCs of IBM Cloud™ Private
  • Four VPCs of IBM WebSphere Base
  •  Seven VPCs of IBM Cloud Foundry
  • Eight VPCs of IBM WebSphere Liberty Core
  •  13 VPCs of IBM Cloud Automation Manager

About trade-ups

Trade-ups to IBM Cloud Application Platform are available from the following products:

  • IBM WebSphere Network Deployment
  •  IBM Cloud Private
  • IBM WebSphere Base
  • IBM Cloud Foundry
  • IBM WebSphere Liberty Core
  • IBM Cloud Automation Manager

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