Modernize WebSphere apps and build new cloud-native apps

The IBM Cloud Pak for Applications offers an end-to-end, enterprise-specific experience to speed development of apps built for Kubernetes. Built on IBM WebSphere® offerings and an orchestrated container platform, the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications provides a long-term solution to help you transition between public, private and hybrid cloud and create new business applications.

Customize your modernization strategy with a flexible deployment model and modernization toolkit. You can transition traditional apps to the cloud in a cost-effective way that makes sense for your business.

Applications is one of a set of Paks that speed up your move to cloud

Quick innovation while modernizing investments is critical

Enterprises embark upon digital transformation and a journey to cloud-native because of business goals. Cloud Paks pave the way for the enterprise to move to cloud, giving them the ability to add new features quickly or scale up or down depending on changes in demand, as well as better data security and lower costs.

Source: IBM Cloud-Native Thought Leadership Research. MD&I

Quick innovation while modernizing investments is critical

The benefits of this approach

Protect your existing investments

Optimize your existing implementations. A trade up gives you credit for your existing investment in WebSphere. You can move to another WebSphere edition or to an orchestrated container platform.

Mitigate investment risk

Simplify procurement and future-proof your modernization process. Leverage trade-ups for flexible deployment to make the most of your existing investments and gain access to new tools in the future.

Prepare for anything

Access new bundled products as you need them, without going through a new procurement process. Get access to capabilities as they’re created. Optimize entitlements before, during and after migration.

Cloud Pak for Applications

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

Develop innovative cloud-native apps using the tools and runtime of your choice; and modernize traditional applications to run alongside and integrate with those new apps. IBM Cloud Pak for Applications offers one complete, end-to-end environment to speed development of applications built for Kubernetes and access cloud services to enhance innovation, reduce costs and simplify operations – all while meeting the technology standards and policies your company defines.

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