Bring your development team into the cloud-native era

Your application development team is under mounting pressure to quickly create new cloud-based apps that can meet the expectations of business groups and enhance the user experience.

Cloud-native apps based on agile methodology and 12-factor best practices can give you the agility you need. But how can you rapidly acquire the expertise to break away from the traditional waterfall-based delivery of monolithic apps?

IBM Garage™ is the solution. It brings together extensive consulting expertise with a methodology based on IBM Design Thinking, the Lean Startup method, agile development, and continuous delivery to help you build scalable, innovative solutions and deliver cloud-native apps fast.

Recent research on cloud-native development expertise

Lack of internal expertise with cloud platforms is one of the main hurdles organizations must overcome when adopting cloud-native development. However, adoption can result in reduced dependence on infrastructure or operating systems.


of IT executives report a lack of expertise with the cloud-native model


of developers report insufficient expertise in cloud platform technologies

Why IBM Garage?

Many enterprise clients engage with the Garage to help with organizational and technological transformation for parts of their businesses, often with the intention of pursuing overall organizational and digital transformations at a future date.

Explore cloud-native development with an expert guide

You recognize the benefits of moving toward cloud-native app development. But where do you start? Does your development team have the necessary skills and experience for your cloud-native journey?

Working with an expert guide can make all the difference. IBM Garage is a consulting service with the DNA of a startup that can accelerate the move to cloud-native app development through expert guidance.

Upgrade your team’s skills, best practices and culture

Set your team on the path to cloud-native app development with the IBM Garage Method, designed for continuous design, delivery and validation of new functions.

  • Architectures: Build on architectures that facilitate cloud-native app development. IBM reference architectures define basic patterns plus implementations with technology, practices and tools.
  • Practices: Draw from practices based on design thinking that define transformation goals and present achievable steps toward these goals.
  • Technologies: Implement automated toolchains to enable continuous integration and delivery.

Achieve success at the speed of a startup

IBM Garage experts can help your team quickly identify the right opportunities, align your stakeholders with the right goals, model your outcome on the right architecture, collaborate with the right architects and developers and ultimately build the right solution.

Creating an intelligent chatbot

UBank — Australia’s first online-only bank — used the IBM Garage Method and an IBM Cloud™ toolchain to develop an intelligent customer-facing chatbot, which resulted in a 15 percent higher home-loan completion rate.

Workshop (fee waived)

North American clients can participate in a four-hour IBM Garage workshop free of charge. This workshop will give them the opportunity to share objectives and determine their best course of action.

Get started with IBM Garage

Have your development team connect with an IBM Garage expert to review your current state, outlook and strategy. Developers can gain valuable skills for modernizing an app or building a new one. They can learn best practices, toolchains and architectures for building a minimal viable product. They can then continue the project using knowledge gained through IBM Garage.

If your team has previous cloud-native experience, your developers can engage IBM Garage experts to review best practices, toolchains and architectures. They can also discover new ways to enhance and extend applications with IBM Watson®, IoT and blockchain services.