IBM Cloud Foundry app runtimes features

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IBM Cloud Foundry includes runtimes for Java™, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift and Go; plus, Cloud Foundry community build packs are also available. Combined with DevOps services, the application runtimes enable a delivery pipeline that automates much of the iterative development process.

Fault tolerant

Runtimes facilitate developing applications as stateless processes that quickly: start and stop, replicate if an instance fails, and duplicate if sustained or increased performance requires.

Extend apps with services

Runtimes link IBM Cloud services to applications as endpoints, giving any instance of an application embedded knowledge of how to manage relevant calls and data. In fact, runtimes manage all linked resources this way: SDKs, APIs (whether made available as cloud services or exposed from within a traditional enterprise as custom services), and also applications themselves when used as resources by other applications.

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