Modernize WebSphere apps and build new cloud-native apps

Modernize WebSphere apps and build new cloud-native apps

The IBM Cloud™ Application Platform is a single, flexible platform that delivers an end-to-end development and deployment experience that’s built for the modern enterprise. Built on IBM WebSphere® offerings and on the IBM Cloud Private platform, the IBM Cloud Application Platform provides a long-term solution to help you transition between public, private and hybrid cloud and create new business applications.

A flexible pricing model lets you choose your own modernization journey. You can transition traditional apps to the cloud in a cost-effective way that makes sense for your business.

Your modernization strategy

Modernize your WebSphere Apps

Through tools and automation, the IBM Cloud Application Platform provides the most straightforward path to the cloud for existing WebSphere clients.

If you’re already using WebSphere, you can leverage services and can support custom timelines for modernization, which helps maintain your existing investment. You can continue to add support for transforming other parts of your enterprise for the cloud, taking action to modernize solutions holistically.

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Develop and run cloud native apps

To help you build strategic and innovative solutions of the future, the IBM Cloud Application platform provides support for microservices, functions and serverless computing.

Expect a simplified continuous-integration and continuous-deployment experience that fosters the creation of higher quality code and a faster path to production. You get a robust set of supporting services to accelerate the development, deployment, monitoring and management of cloud native applications.

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Connect to cloud services

Make the most of IBM Cloud Paks. Cloud Pak services are designed to be consumed easily by new and modernized applications, similar to the way that a cloud native app uses relational database or messaging services. To encourage adoption, use standards-based endpoint APIs to attract internal and external developers.


The next-generation application platform

Flexible pricing

Minimize your acquisition costs. Pick and choose what to use in the bundle. A simple, consistent core-based metric offers ratio-based pricing flexibility. Select from perpetual and term-based options.

End-to-end modernization

Multiple entitlements can reduce migration project costs by 50 percent. You’ll get the platforms and software you need to move your existing apps to a microservices-based architecture including IBM Cloud Private and a wide range of the IBM WebSphere® Application Server offerings.

Full adaptability

Transition between cloud and non-cloud deployments as your needs change. Run different runtime technologies. Take advantage of flexible entitlement to run existing workloads and new workloads concurrently as you modernize applications from one platform to the next.

The benefits of this approach

Protect your existing investments

Get the most out of your existing implementations. A trade-up gives you credit for your existing investment in WebSphere. You can move to another WebSphere edition or to IBM Cloud Private.

Mitigate investment risk

The license for this offering is based upon a ratio table that is based on Virtual Processor Core (VPC). You can migrate your workloads to IBM Cloud Private at your own rate and at your own pace.

Prepare for anything

Access new bundled products as you need them, without going through a new procurement process. Get access to capabilities as they’re created. Optimize entitlements before, during and after migration.

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Modernize and build with the application platform of the future