What is the value of a cloud-native, container-based management platform?

It offers better scalability, resiliency, time to value, and ease of deployment compared to traditional monitoring solutions.

What are the key benefits of IBM Cloud™ App Management?

A service-based approach to application performance monitoring delivers resource monitoring and helps you modernize key applications. IBM Cloud App Management gives you app-centric monitoring of microservice-based applications. You can also monitor traditional enterprise resources.

Usage-based pricing helps you manage costs.

Become more proactive; early signals help you get ahead of service impacts.

I purchased the IBM Multicloud Manager solution. Do I need IBM Cloud App Management when I already have a management tool in Multicloud Manager?

Yes. IBM Multicloud Manager doesn’t provide monitoring across cloud and traditional resources. With IBM Cloud App Management, you can monitor your existing applications’ performance before, during, and after modernization. You can also monitor hybrid applications and modern cloud-native apps.

I’m migrating only some of my applications to the cloud. How can I be sure my current infrastructure is managed?

IBM Cloud App Management monitors  your cloud resources and your traditional resources from a single control point. There’s no need to remove or replace existing tools.

When should I deploy Application Performance Management SaaS?

Right away, if you have hosting constraints or low bandwidth in on-premises data centers. IBM Application Performance Management SaaS deployment offers 15 global points of presence. You get the capability to scale with your business as workloads become more complex.

You don’t need to install or maintain Application Performance Management. IBM hosts the Application Performance Management server and components. APM is offered with usage-based pricing rather than subscription-based pricing.

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