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APM scorecard leadership

IBM Cloud App Management achieves high ranking in APM 2019 scorecard report by Software Reviews.

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Service-based approach to application performance monitoring

Designed for high-scale, highly resilient applications, IBM Cloud™ App Management delivers app-centric monitoring of microservice-based applications in addition to monitoring for traditional resources for your enterprise.

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Application modernization benefits

Continuous delivery support

Give analytics to development teams and SREs to reduce errors. Communicate with IT Ops and DevOps teams to identify bottlenecks. Correlate deployment activities with performance.

Infrastructure automation management

Manage workload provisioning, configuration and deployment on virtual machines or in containers. Manage infrastructure and resources using one interface.

Re-platforming management

Monitor across clouds and traditional resources in a hybrid environment from a single control point. Support legacy applications before, during and after modernization.

Built for hybrid cloud deployment

Cloud-native architecture

Built to support dynamic workloads, manage Kubernetes environments and manage application performance in hybrid, multicloud environments. Provides consistency in management for traditional resources and existing tools during digital transformation.

Containerized deployment

Get agility at scale by decoupling the application from the infrastructure supports. Manage your data growth, complexity, and high rates of change in dynamic IT environments.

Service-level monitoring

Automate microservice-based application management using open source data collectors. Central monitoring pinpoints issues based on downstream microservice dependencies. Cognitive analytics identify the root cause and proactively monitor applications.

How clients use it

Support digital transformation

Monitor application transformation from on-premises to hybrid, and to multicloud deployments. Application-centric monitoring and instrumentation to detect issues.

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Improve IT ops efficiency

Anticipate service impacts with early warning using four standardized golden signals across services. Employ a portable approach across technologies and get flexible integration of “management as code” functionality using REST APIs.

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Complete infrastructure management

Use one management solution for DevOps and Infrastructure Ops. Monitor complex modern applications and traditional enterprise resources. Integrate events from third-party tools. Get built in policy-based notification and runbook automation.

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