What is Content Delivery Network?

Your data should be accessible to your users anytime, anywhere.  When the first content request hits the host server, it gets pushed to the network and stays there for further user access. 

Content Delivery Network features

Cost-effective turbo boost

Meet user demand without paying for unused capacity thanks to pay-as-you-go bandwidth.

Worry free scaling

Populate and scale nodes based on regional demand and resource usage.

Trustworthy security

Get access to hassle-free tools for content management and monetization that protect your digital rights.

Content Delivery Network versions

IBM Cloud CDN powered by Akamai

We’ve partnered with Akamai, a best-of-breed CDN provider, to create one of the world’s fastest and most reliable Content Delivery Network. 

Akamai Pricing and Coverage

CDN Bandwidth Pricing
First 10 TB $0.085/GB
10 – 250 TB $0.05/GB
250 – 500 TB $0.04/GB
500 TB – 3 PB $0.025/GB
Greater than 3 PB $0.02/GB

Akamai coverage map

Get started on Content Delivery Network in minutes

Efficient delivery. No extra storage fees. And you only pay for the bandwidth used.