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91-800-FLOWERS.COM Inc.

Retailer migrates 10 fulfillment systems to IBM Cloud for better service delivery.


Advansolar's rechargeable electric bicycle rental service runs on IBM Cloudplatform.

12Ambi Labs

Ambi Labs turned to IBM to host and support its cognitive climate-control platform.


IBM Cloud bare metal offers the scalable solution AppLift needs to elevate app marketing.


Artomatix uses IBM Cloud technology and bare metal servers to ramp up game design.

12Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank now rolls out apps faster and IBM Cloud makes it happen.


Bluebee accelerates genomics data processing on the IBM Cloud platform.

12Blueprint Genetics

Blueprint Genetics delivers answers faster with Watson on a IBM Cloud solution.

9Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service

A fire and rescue service builds an open-standard, collaborative model for business process discovery and development using IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud.

11Connally High School

With IBM Watson® and IBM Cloud, high school game design students turn Minecraft into a learning tool.


Doctome’s medical-consult mobile app was built on an IBM Cloud environment.


EPEL-CACT guides tourists on Lanzarote Island with a mobile app hosted on IBM hybrid cloud.

12Equals 3

Equals 3’s cognitive computing solution for marketing runs on the IBM Cloud platform.


Solution provider transforms service delivery through IBM Cloud infrastructure.


GameFly Streaming confidently provides gaming services to users worldwide with the low-latency delivery and on-demand capacity of IBM Cloud.

20Grupo Boticário

Grupo Boticário worked with CTI Global to better understand consumer demand with IBM Analytics solutions, finding the key to higher sales.

22Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation

Interac launches digital payment offering on hybrid cloud for varying workloads.

12Liquid Newsroom

Liquid Newsroom uses IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media software to analyze social data and help push relevant content to consumers.


One billion advertising events run on IBM Cloud infrastructure daily.


Fleet management company addresses downtime issues with IBM Cloud infrastructure.


Disruptive mobile wallet service developed on IBM Cloud platform helps reduce fraud.

12Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact adds muscle to manufacturing, thanks to IBM Cloud virtual servers.

12Planet Funk

Planet Funk united fans globally using IBM and BlueIT’s scalable hosting solution.

33Poseidon Project

Making the most of the world's water resources through smarter irrigation and IBM Cloud.

33Prana Studios

To create a 3-D, 24k resolution theme park experience, studio uses ultrascalable IBM Cloud.

8Close Brothers – Prolifics

Banking applications integrated on IBM Cloud platform provide customer service payoff.


A blind ultramarathon runner trains with Runkeeper app developed on the IBM Cloud.

34SilverHook Powerboats

SilverHook Powerboats develops app 40% faster, enhancing race experience.


Sonian launches a robust email archiving platform on IBM Cloud infrastructure.

12Sonnet Insurance

Sonnet Insurance trusts insurance workloads to the IBM Cloud infrastructure.


Hosting provider deploys IBM Cloud infrastructure globally to speed time to market.


Teridion meets SaaS providers’ throughput needs with 28 IBM Cloud global data centers.


WayBlazer assists vacation planning with IBM Cloud language-processing capabilities.

12Well Living Lab

The Well Living Lab and IBM Cloud Garage team to advance indoor environments.

12Wenngarn Castle

Visitors seeking site info get the royal treatment, thanks to IBM Cloud infrastructure.

16YES Bank

YES BANK builds an API ecosystem to extend its market reach by providing new mobile services to millions of unbanked citizens in India.