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11-800-FLOWERS.COM Inc.

To integrate its diverse array of order management systems, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM migrated to an IBM Commerce on Cloud platform environment. The retailer experienced seamless service delivery across brands, greater efficiency, reduced costs and enhanced scalability with the IBM Cloud solution.

2Active International

Active International used the IBM Cloud to develop applications that optimize its media buying cycle and help it identify new business prospects more effectively.


To help ensure clients can access the latest pricing and execute trades rapidly and accurately, online broker ActivTrades migrated its primary trading platforms from on-premises infrastructure to IBM Cloud for VMware solutions.

4Allianz ( but which) Taiwan Life?

Allianz wanted a mobile assistant solution that worked across platforms to better serve customers. Using IBM Cloud and IBM Watson Assistant, the company created an AI-powered virtual assistant that can field 80 percent of its most frequent customer requests — for real help in real time.

5American Airlines

IBM is helping American Airlines migrate some of its critical applications to the IBM Cloud while using new methodology to create innovative applications quickly and improve the customer experience.

6American Association of Inruance Services

The American Association of Insurance Services partnered with IBM to create an open blockchain network that streamlines regulatory reporting. The network provides new insights for insurers, while also enhancing timeliness, accuracy and value for regulators.


Anthem partnered with IBM to drive its digital transformation and deliver an enhanced digital experience for its nearly 40 million consumers.


Assima helps employees work smarter by arming them with an intelligent application overlay hosted in the IBM Cloud and delivering AI capabilities with IBM Watson technology.


To help small and midsized businesses with liquidity management and planning, Asteria created a smart cashflow service running on scalable IBM Cloud infrastructure. With its IBM Cloud solution, the company can work in a flexible, open-source development framework while also addressing customer needs for security-rich data hosting.

10Bison Schweiz

Working with IBM, Bison integrated localized weather data into its ESL Manager solution. This helped the company create labeling that responds to changing weather conditions to advise shoppers about smarter purchases.


Bitly migrated to an IBM Cloud environment, establishing a scalable hosting platform for low-latency delivery to enterprise customers around the world and developing an invaluable partnership with IBM.

12Buzz Radar

Buzz Radar created a platform called the Cognitive Command Center — a digital marketing monitoring, analytics and visualization platform that harnesses IBM Watson technologies and runs in the IBM Cloud.

14Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf

After working with IBM to build a cloud data warehouse and analytics architecture, Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf can now gain data-driven insights from across its nine properties.


To help its clients focus on strategic activities rather than low-value tasks, Contextor teamed up with IBM to augment its robotic process automation solutions with artificial intelligence capabilities.


To transform its service desk operations, banking group Creval deployed a virtual assistant, powered by IBM Watson technology, that reduced service desk calls by 80 percent and allowed staff to focus on high-value tasks that drive customer service excellence.


To help state healthcare agencies address new regulations, Deloitte teamed with IBM to develop the Medicaid Enterprise Solution (MES) HealthInteractive Platform, running on IBM Cloud technology. With MES, state Medicaid programs can keep IT up to date with less effort and expense, while also aligning with federal guidance.

18ExxonMobil Rewards+

Building on a long track record of service innovation, ExxonMobil engaged an IBM iX team to help design and launch ExxonMobilRewards+, the industry’s first smartphone app for digital payment at the pump. The solution’s IBM Cloud public hosting platform reduces operating costs for the app by 40 percent and scales effortlessly as its user base continues to grow.


FaceMe uses IBM technologies, including IBM Cloud and IBM Watson, to create incredibly lifelike Digital Humans who can see, hear, talk with and remember customers — for real-time, always-on, personalized service.


FacePhi has developed Selphi, a service available on IBM Cloud, which uses facial recognition of customer photos to authenticate banking customers without needing to prompt them for passwords.

21Fitzsoft Applications

Fitzsoft chose IBM Cloud bare metal servers and IBM Cloud for VMware solutions to provide a versatile, reliable, high-performance infrastructure for a wide range of software-as-a-service applications.

22Fuga Technologies

Fuga Technologies uses IBM Cloud to host an innovative solution that automates repetitive design tasks, cutting manual processes by 90 percent and helping businesses unleash their designers’ creativity at much lower costs.


Using cloud-based AI from IBM Watson, Guardio built a solution that monitors messages on WhatsApp and Instagram and alerts parents about exchanges that could indicate bullying.


By moving its Open Virtual Engineering Platform to the IBM Cloud, Honeywell empowered its customers to build and test engineering processes in a highly reliable and security-rich environment.

25Icelandic Road and Coastal Admin

Employees of the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration can now view quality management information via mobile devices, using a cloud compliance and quality solution from Origo that is built and hosted in the IBM Cloud.

26Japan Airlines

A Japanese airline has become the first among its competitors to develop a web-based chatbot proof of concept, generating real dialogs with 90 percent of users and confirming the company’s vision for broader cognitive applications with IBM Watson Assistant (formerly IBM Watson Conversation) and Watson Natural Language Classifier services.


Jenzabar offers a transformational software-as-a-service solution, built on IBM Cloud infrastructure, that slashes costs, boosts agility and opens up new global markets.


KONE is investing in cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to power a data analytics and predictive maintenance solution for city infrastructure used by more than one billion people daily. Gathering and analyzing usage data from KONE equipment enables customers to fix the root causes of potential failures before they happen.


LogDNA saw a clear need to address data sprawl in the modern, cloud-native development stack. Its innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform built on Kubernetes caught the attention of the IBM Cloud team, which wove it into its global framework. As both an IBM Business Partner and a client, LogDNA was able to grow and strengthen its DevOps capabilities.


With IBM Cloud bare metal server infrastructure hosted worldwide and the Veeam on IBM Cloud backup and restore service, Movius provides its multiline offering to enterprises around the globe.

31Panasonic? I think we can milk it

Panasonic teamed with IBM to build the Panasonic Digital Concierge Platform. Built on IBM Watson technology and hosted on IBM Cloud, the solution provides the foundation on which Panasonic can develop innovative solutions that create conversational, interactive and personalized guest experiences.


The Primerica team worked with the IBM Garage to design an innovative strategy for updating heritage applications on an open hybrid cloud environment using the IBM Cloud Private platform, containers and microservices. With a modernized system, Primerica can securely build software and release it on a shorter timeline.


Ricoh migrated its Unified Communication System operations to IBM Cloud bare metal servers, taking advantage of near-limitless scalability and capacity. This allowed the company to ensure smooth sound and vision for its rapidly expanding customer base.


UBank launched new initiatives in an IBM Cloud Platform environment, including a virtual assistant that incorporates IBM Watson technology to support the bank’s online home loan application.


In an Australian banking first, Westpac Group partnered with IBM to implement a fully integrated hybrid cloud platform across its business to deliver premium services to more than 13 million customers.


Whirlpool Corporation is migrating SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA to IBM Power Systems in the IBM Cloud, with IBM Services for Managed SAP Applications, freeing up resources for innovation.


Together, IBM and Vodafone Business will help companies remove the complexity and barriers from their technology choices and ensure data and applications flow freely and securely across their organizations. Under the new venture, Vodafone Business customers will immediately have access to the full portfolio of IBM Cloud offerings, underpinned by IBM's deep industry expertise and open technologies.