What is Business Rules?

IBM® Business Rules for Bluemix® enables the management of business logic and decisions outside of applications.

Business Rules features

Automate decisions

Enables the externalization and automation of decision logic, which no longer needs to be embedded into application code, and can be updated in a shorter cycle.

Model decisions

Comes with Decision Composer, an experimental decision modeling application that enables business users and developers to capture and implement business decisions without any programming background. Such decisions can then be deployed to this service for immediate execution.

Run Decisions

Provides a development environment to manage the entire life cycle of your decisions, from modeling to deployment. Offers the execution environment to orchestrate and automate decision logic.

Business Rules benefits

Embed expertise in apps

Involve business experts in the creation of an application to improve the success and relevancy of critical applications.

Share logic between apps

By externalizing business logic you can instantly share the same business decisions between different apps, different form factors, and different versions running in the field.

Get started on Business Rules in minutes

IBM Business Rules is an eclipse-based service for capturing and automating the repeatable business decisions.