Workshop: Build a weather bot at ServerlessConf NYC

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By: Douglas Paris-White

Workshop: Build a weather bot at ServerlessConf NYC

Apache OpenWhisk is an open source programming platform as a service. You write single-purpose code in the language you know best and the platform runs each function in its own Docker container, repurposing and recycling for highly efficient scalability. Any function can be either directly invoked through API or configured with a trigger to run as an event-handler. The platform provides great power in IBM Cloud Functions, its IBM Cloud implementation, by facilitating use of cognitive and other cloud services within an application workflow. Decoupling the development and iteration of separate functions accelerates DevOps velocity.

At the upcoming Serverless Conference, the IBM Cloud Functions team will run a workshop to teach basic concepts of serverless computing in general, Apache OpenWhisk in particular, and the advantages of using IBM Cloud services.

In the process of creating a weather bot that uses IBM’s Weather Company Data service and Slack, you’ll learn to create independent functions in the language of your choice (Node.js, Swift, Java, Python), and then run them together in the best sequence.  You’ll explore IBM Cloud Functions’ latest CLI and UI and the API Gateway and Web Action capabilities.

Ultimately, using the Serverless Framework, you’ll be able to package and deploy your separate functions together as a complete application.

What: Workshop #4: Develop a Serverless Weather Bot with Apache OpenWhisk and the Serverless Framework on the IBM Cloud

When: Monday, October 9th, 2017

Where: ServerlessConf in New York, New York


Dr. Andreas Nauerz: Technical Product Manager for IBM Cloud Functions Michael Behrendt: Chief Architect for core platform of IBM Cloud

Check-out ongoing work on OpenWhisk in the Apache open source community.

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