Why Cloud-Native Is Key to Faster Innovation and Your 5G Investment

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Fast innovation and the ability to deliver differentiated 5G services rely on cloud-native solutions driven by AI-powered automation, security and scaling.

The exponential growth of network-connected devices is creating new service opportunities for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). In parallel, 5G brings an order-of-magnitude improvement in bandwidth and latency.

An open horizontal architecture brings unconstrained innovation via an ecosystem of ISVs, allowing CSPs gain a level playing field over OTT competitors. CSPs are also better equipped to provide connectivity-centric services towards experience-based services.

Read this whitepaper to understand key considerations for faster innovation in a 5G world.

  • Cloud-native networking is one of the basic building blocks to build an open, horizontal telco cloud platform.
  • Telco edge solutions deliver low-latency services to enterprises that help you build intelligence from your data faster and drive significant efficiency in data ingestion, storage and speed of inference analysis.

IBM, Red Hat and Juniper Networks have jointly committed to the realization of an open, cloud-native approach and offer a horizontally integrated, multi-vendor telco cloud solution to monetize new 5G services.

IBM, along with a robust ecosystem of partners, provides CSPs with end-to-end system integration capabilities, AI-driven Automation, IBM Cloud, orchestration and service assurance software to build horizontal telco cloud platforms to monetize 5G.

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