Why Cloud Learning and Certification Is an Ongoing Process

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The IBM Center for Cloud Training helps you to keep pace with change by regularly updating its exams and training.

Congratulations! You’ve passed your IBM Cloud certification exam and are now the proud holder of an IBM Cloud Certification Badge. But that’s not the end of the story. Cloud, much like most other parts of the vibrant IT industry, is an ever-evolving set of services where innovation can come thick and fast.

Like any certification, IBM Cloud certifications provide proof of a level of knowledge and expertise at a particular point in time — based on when the exam was written and of course when the exam was taken. Using the related learning, a certification can accelerate your adoption of new and emerging services and provide assurances that your knowledge is solid.

However, once you’ve passed the exam and received your certificate, it’s easy to drift out of date. Think about the exams you took in your final year in school. Would you be able to sit and pass those same subjects today, without further study? Like me, do your kids tell you that what you learned in school and were tested on — such as hydrocoidal flow in rivers — is now old hat and no longer taught, let alone tested? I can say that I’m an A-grade Geography student, but I would now probably struggle to even pass the exam!

Continuing education with the IBM Center for Cloud Training

Back to cloud computing. The IBM Center for Cloud Training currently has several role-based certifications you can take to demonstrate your current level of cloud knowledge, backed by a comprehensive online training path. While our exam passes do not expire (unlike those of other providers), each exam certification has a version number, which helps determine how current the qualification you have earned is. If you want to demonstrate to the world that your IBM Cloud knowledge is up to date and current, then you will want to ensure that the certification you hold is also up to date and current.

For example, I hold several IBM Cloud certifications, gained over several years. One such certification is IBM Certified Solution Advisor – IBM Cloud Foundations V1, which I obtained in 2018. This shows that I can “demonstrate basic skills on the infrastructure, network, compute, development, deployment, and the operational capabilities of IBM Cloud.” Great — but also consider that back in 2018, there was no VPC or OpenShift in IBM Cloud, which are now two cornerstones of the platform. 

Version 2 of the same exam (which I passed in early 2020) does cover these subjects (which have since evolved) but again, other key services such as IBM Cloud Satellite and IBM Cloud Code Engine do not feature because they were not around at the time the exam was written. To remain current, I passed the IBM Cloud Technical Advocate certification again in late 2021.

Cloud computing evolves quickly, and we can help you stay up to date

So, this demonstrates that an exam pass today does not mean you can or should rest on your laurels. Cloud is a fast-moving environment where things change — services evolve and come and go, and keeping up to date with the pace of change is a key challenge for many in the industry. Continued education will accelerate your ability to use new and emerging services effectively within your environment, too.

The IBM Center for Cloud Training helps you to keep pace with change by regularly updating its exams and training, and we recommend that you look to keep up with the latest developments and demonstrate your current knowledge by checking for new certification versions and renewing your certification at least every 18 to 24 months. And if you’re still not certified, what’s holding you back?

For more information about IBM Cloud Certification, visit the IBM Center for Cloud Training.

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