What Services Can You Expect in IBM Cloud Availability Zones?

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IBM Cloud delivers a consistent, full, and resilient stack of cloud services, globally

Over the last nine months, IBM has launched availability zones around the globe. IBM Cloud regions with availability zones are located in the United States (Dallas and Washington, DC), Germany, UK, Japan, and Australia.

Customers using the IBM Cloud may be already familiar with the concepts of availability zones and regions, but for those who aren't, here are some simple definitions:

IBM Cloud Region: A region is a geographically and physically separate group of one or more availability zones with independent electrical and network infrastructures isolated from other regions. Regions are designed to remove shared single points of failure with other regions and guarantee low inter-zone latency within the region.

IBM Cloud Availability Zone: An availability zone is a logically and physically isolated location within an IBM Cloud region with independent power, cooling, and network infrastructures. It is isolated from other zones to strengthen fault tolerance by avoiding single points of failure between zones while also guaranteeing high bandwidth and low inter-zone latency within a region.

These regions and zones provide a full cloud service stack that enables highly available, redundant, and geographically dispersed customer solutions. This architecture provides the foundation you need to build and deploy your mission-critical applications in the cloud:

  • Uniformity and consistency of cloud services between locations
  • Improved resiliency and availability of the cloud platform and infrastructure

What services can you expect in IBM Cloud regions?

Available cloud services include popular IBM Watson AI, databases, developer tools, platform, and infrastructure services.

Figure 1: IBM Cloud region with consistent full-service stack across three availability zones.

Figure 1: IBM Cloud region with consistent full-service stack across three availability zones.


The following integrated services are available in all IBM Cloud regions with availability zones. Use this menu to assemble the stack that best suits your application or workload, confident these services are available wherever you need them.

Artificial Intelligence services

Database services

DevOps services

Cloud platform services

Cloud infrastructure services

Note: Global services are not necessarily hosted in all regions but are available from all regions.

Learn more

To learn more about our global cloud footprint, please visit the IBM global cloud location page on www.ibm.com.

Can't find the cloud service you need in the list above? To browse (and use) the full set of services we offer in the IBM Cloud, please visit our IBM Cloud service catalog page or jump to the IBM Cloud service availability by location table to see where all the services are available.

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