Welcome to the New IBM Cloud Blog

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We're excited to bring you a new and improved IBM Cloud Blog experience

When we changed the name of our platform from IBM Bluemix to IBM Cloud, we did this as a way of simplifying an approach that crosses public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. As we've brought this experience together across our product, website, and more, we've gotten lots of great feedback and are continuing on that journey.

At the end of April, we did the final, permanent redirects of our legacy platform from bluemix.net to cloud.ibm.com, and today, we're pleased to announce that we've also moved our blog from ibm.com/blogs/bluemix to ibm.com/cloud/blog.

We're really excited about the new IBM Cloud blog, both what we're releasing today and what we have planned in the upcoming weeks and months. Our goal is to bring a more diverse set of content to you, our users and readers, and also make it easier to find what you're looking for.

To that end, there are a few new things that we're excited to introduce right away

  1. A more unified IBM Cloud experience: The IBM Cloud Blog is now more integrated into the overall IBM Cloud website. We've heard your asks around making it simpler to navigate and discover across our ecosystem, so this is yet another step in that direction.
  2. An easier to use/navigate view of product release information: The IBM Cloud Blog Announcements section features a full slate of IBM Cloud product updates, release notes, news, and announcements. Rather than having to sort through dozens and dozens of blog posts on the main page to find the announcements you are interested in, you can now filter announcement-specific posts by category to easily find the information that matters to you.
  3. More educational and thought-leadership content: The New Builders section of the blog provides a wide range of of educational, technical, how-to, tutorial, and thought-leadership blog posts on a variety of cloud technologies and solutions. We're making a concerted effort to provide more instructive content and general best practices around important cloud topics like containers, serverless, and AI (to name just a few). The New Builders will feature blog posts, videos, webinars, and podcasts to educate you on the topics that you are interested in.
  4. Improved content filters: Our new Technologies page allows you to select specific technology categories related to cloud computing and see posts that are most relevant to your interests. You can filter and find posts related to Analytics, Databases, DevOps, Open Source, Security, and more.

Come visit us often

We hope that you enjoy the new IBM Cloud Blog experience and check back in with us frequently because we've got a lot of really good content and new features coming your way.

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