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Register for the “Building a Better Cloud with IBM and Intel Processors” webinar on September 6

Performance and big data processing are the key reasons enterprises today are looking to Intel’s next-generation line of Xeon Scalable processors to drive their HPC and cognitive/analytics workloads. Applications like complex financial simulations, manufacturing design simulations, or genomic analyses run up to 63% faster than previous generation processors, thereby decreasing the time it takes to deliver insights from mission-critical data. According to Intel, Xeon scalable processors can accelerate insights up to 2.3 times faster for financial services workloads, up to 1.5 times faster for manufacturing workloads, and up to 1.7 times faster for life sciences workloads.

Increased performance and security with IBM Cloud

Combining Intel processors with IBM Cloud’s bare metal servers, customers get not only increased performance, but they also get a dedicated, security-rich environment that is highly customizable for a customer’s most sensitive HPC and big-data workloads. To help clients gain new insights into their data, the IBM Cloud provides seamless access to more than 160 APIs and services ranging from cognitive and analytics to blockchain and IoT. IBM is committed to delivering the fastest and most comprehensive technology to the cloud for data-intensive workloads, and GPUs for cognitive and high performance computing.

Ready to learn more about IBM Cloud bare metal servers with Intel Xeon Scalable processors? Register today for the “Building a Better Cloud” webinar that is being held on September 6, 2018 at 10:00am CDT.

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