Webinar: Getting ahead with Microservices Builder (Eclipse-compatible CLI plugin)

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By: Douglas Paris-White

Webinar: Getting ahead with Microservices Builder (Eclipse-compatible CLI plugin)

Rapidly developing and iterating applications that noticeably innovate user experience in any market or industry has become a competitive necesssity.


Cloud native development is the term for using cloud platforms and services along with DevOps processes and practices, tool-chain-driven automation, and data-driven performance reviews to delight customers beyond current expectations.

As software organizations make the transition into cloud native development, Java EE developers are being asked to transform existing monolithic applications into separate but coordinated microservices.

As part of the Eclipse Foundation, the Microprofile project has evolved to optimize Java EE for microservices development work. With Microservices Builder (Ecliplse-compatible CLI), the IBM WebSphere team has combined the advantages of Microprofile and Liberty with the power of Kubernetes container clustering and management, supporting easy integration with open toolchains.

Microservice Builder

All you need to get started with developing Java EE microservices is the IBM Bluemix CLI and Microservices Builder plugin.

In this webinar, IBM Websphere Offering Manager Adriel Estrada and Software Architect David Currie discuss the context that gives Microservices Builder its value for Java EE developers and demonstrate the process of getting a new microservice deployed into a Kubernetes cluster with the Microservices Builder toolset.

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