Webinar: Deploying microservices apps in IBM Cloud Private

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Webinar: Deploying microservices apps in IBM Cloud Private

“There’s been a shift in private workloads… from IaaS and working with virtual machines to wanting to adopt cloud native patterns and microservices.

IBM Cloud Private brings flexible management from the public cloud with the application security and data isolation that you need in your corporate data center. But how does IBM Cloud Private apply to cloud native and microservices applications?

Modern cloud native application development uses a microservices architectural style in which an application is composed of many discrete, network-connected components. Large monolithic applications are broken into small services, and each service runs in its own process. On IBM Cloud Private, microservices can be deployed easily for cloud native applications, and can also be used to refactor existing monolithic applications to take advantage of the cloud.

In this webinar, IBM distinguished engineers Eduardo Patrocinio and Roland Barcia will discuss how to deploy a Microservices application in IBM Cloud Private. Topics covered include:

  • Why the increased interest in private cloud? What trends does it represent?

  • IBM Cloud Private provides a single platform to help enable enterprises to innovate and optimize

  • How operations and developer roles are affected by private cloud adoption

  • Typical paths for evolving existing applications to cloud

  • How are different workloads distributed between public and private clouds?

  • Introduction to the Microservices architectecture and its role in private cloud

  • What about high availability and disaster recovery with private cloud?

  • How to get started with IBM Cloud Private

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