Webinar: (Case study) GreenQ uses serverless technology to improve city services

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Webinar: (Case study) GreenQ uses serverless technology to improve city services

As the leanest form of container-based application computing, serverless functions as a service (FaaS) run code exactly when needed, at exactly the right scale, either through direct API invocation or as triggered by specific other events. Functions are powerfully well-suited for managing API connections across clouds, processing IoT data streams, and implementing connections between microservices within a cloud native application and higher value cloud services like AI and data analytics.


In this webinar, Torsten Volk (Senior Analyst, EMA) engages Edy Candel (CEO, GreenQ) in a conversation about serverless technology applied to municipal garbage collection, an urban activity that is more essential than public transportation. You’ll get the details on the GreenQ system, which uses sensors on garage trucks and bins, integration with city traffic monitoring systems, and data analytics on residential waste patterns to continuously improve collection schedules and routes.

What you’ll learn:

  • How serverless/FaaS technology works

  • The Apache OpenWhisk open source project and the IBM Cloud Functions implementation of it

  • Why serverless/FaaS works well with hybrid cloud architectures and IoT and AI technologies

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 Questions and Answers

Following the live webinar, and as it continues to be available on demand, we will update this post with the Q/A discussion between presenters and audience. Bookmark this post for easy access to that ongoing discussion.

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