Webinar: 3 New Ways to Get to Containers with WebSphere ND

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Webinar: 3 New Ways to Get to Containers with WebSphere ND

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WHEN: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 @ 01:00 PM EDTPRESENTERS: Walt Noffsinger, Director; Ed McCabe, Product Management; Michael Thompson, Architect

Application modernization and operational modernization are not new topics. You know why modernization is critical—you understand that traditional applications can be modernized to enhance performance and that containerization and hybrid architectures are not the future but are becoming the status quo.

The big question now is—how do you modernize? And how do you manage your migration effort while mitigating risk to current performance levels and planning for unforeseen future changes, all while making wise purchase decisions?

The answer just got easier for WebSphere ND customers.

This webinar will cover three new solutions from IBM that:

  • Allow you to easily migrate existing apps to the application platform of the future while still receiving support for the version of WebSphere that you are using today—all within a pricing model so flexible, it’s future-proof!

  • Simplify management of cloud-native and traditional applications deployed in diverse environments from a single integrated dashboard.

  • Give WebSphere ND users access to every tool and program you need for modernization, with flexible usage and pricing.

Reduce the uncertainty and risk involved in migrating your WebSphere-based workloads to the cloud—register for next week’s webinar.

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