Watson Office Hours

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Watson Office Hours on Slack

Come join IBM specialists on the Watson Slack channel to receive 1:1 guidance and have questions answered about how to build with Watson services.

Developer resources

Check out the developer resources —such as the Watson Slack community or deep dive into Watson Academy courses—at the Watson Development Resource Center.

Claim your $200 credit

You are entitled to a $200 credit when you upgrade your IBM Cloud account. A paid account allows you to access resources that are not available in Lite plans for building production-ready apps. 

Three easy steps to upgrade:

  1. Go to your IBM Cloud Dashboard.

  2. Click on your Watson Assistant service OR Click on your Watson service.

  3. Go to the Plan tab in left-hand navigation to upgrade.

Have a Sales question? Contact us directly at:

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Email us at CloudDigitalSales@us.ibm.com

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