Watson Studio Webinar Playlist: Upskill and Deep Dive Data Science

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With this comprehensive list of upcoming and on-demand webinars, you can create a data science and AI playlist that meets your interest and needs.

2019 has been an exciting year for data science and AI. In January, we started our monthly data science and AI Webinar series. We also added Webinars that take deeper dives and explore new points of view.

Furthermore, AutoAI with IBM Watson Studio won best innovation in intelligent automation with AIconics.

As we get closer to finishing 2019, we'd like to provide the following Watson Studio playlist to share the patterns and insights we are hearing from our clients and help you “up” your data science game.

Explore the future, win with playbooks, go to camp

How will Watson Studio, Watson OpenScale, and IBM Cloud Pak for Data change the future of work? Are you ready to fast-track your skills?

Join the discussion and register for these upcoming data science and AI webinars.

Business of AI: Change the game, outcomes, and planning

These on-demand webinars help you use data science and AI in your business to drive better outcomes, improve other services, and accelerate planning.

Intersection of cloud, data science, and AI

When it comes to technology, today’s business is rarely a one-stop shop. These on-demand webinars explore how you can harness the power of cloud, data science, and AI.

Automate, augment, and operationalize AI

IBM has used its AI research to automate and augment AI. These on-demand webinars show how AI opens new doors for data scientists and businesses in new, transformative ways.

Getting started webinars: Get hands-on help with data science

On-demand technical and Community webinars are just what you need if you want to learn about data science and AI firsthand from the experts.

  • Power of open source + IBM Data Science – Yes, you can put your favorite open source and IBM tools to work for AI. In this two-part series, Part 1 covers data prep, model development, and deployment with Notebooks to fast-track results. Part 2 explains how natural language and images improve results.
  • Virtual Data Science Camp – Set yourself up for career success in data science! Part 1 shows how to understand, manipulate, and visualize data. Part 2 provides the algorithms and other functions to build and deploy predictions with Watson Studio and AutoAI. In Part 3, see how machine learning and decision optimization models address customer churn and resource scheduling.
  • Deep dive on automating feature engineering – Learn the techniques AutoAI uses for feature engineering and what makes models more accurate in this technical deep dive from IBM Research and the data science team.
  • Into data science: Data science lifecycle – The data science lifecycle provides a roadmap for any data science, ML, and AI project. We cover the lifecycle from problem definition to model deployment and maintenance.
  • Into data science: Data science lifecycle data requirements – The data available in your enterprise may not be enough to create a model to solve your business problem. So, what can you do? This webinar has the answer.

Create your own playlist

With this comprehensive list, you can create a data science and AI playlist that meets your interest and needs.  We look forward to hearing back your feedback and putting more Webinars that interest you!

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