Watch on theCUBE: Seize the 5G Opportunity with Cloud and AI-Powered Automation

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“When the market is moving really quickly, you've got to be agile. And to be agile in today's market, you have to infuse automation, security and intelligence at scale.” — Steve Canepa, IBM

Technology continues to evolve at an incredible pace, and it's changing the way industries are doing their business. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are developing plans on how to leverage the power of 5G technology, and their network operations are certainly central to that mission.

While the shift to remote work and remote learning has put a strain on CSPs’ existing networking infrastructures, the opportunities that a modernized network infrastructure bring are more apparent than ever.

The promise of 5G presents exponential improvements in connectivity speed, scalability and reduction in latency. It also allows CSPs to more effectively connect and manage IoT and edge computing workloads and applications.

From a software perspective, improving the automation and the intelligence of a CSP’s network platform becomes critical. This is the genesis of IBM Cloud for Telecommunications — a unified, open hybrid architecture that helps CSPs meet their very unique network demands.

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Industry thought leaders Steve Canepa, Global Managing Director, Telecommunications at IBM, and Jeffrey Hammond, Principal Analyst and Vice President at Forrester, discuss 5G market challenges and opportunities, the importance of automation and AI to telco cloud and how to engage a partner ecosystem that supports an open architecture. 

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