Video platform management with organization feature

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Video platform management with organization feature

IBM Cloud Video has introduced a new organization feature for video platform management that allows companies to link multiple accounts together. This simplifies being able to manage formerly complex video setups, such as using video for external and internal use cases.

At its core, the organization feature is a layer that sits above normal Streaming Manager and Streaming Manager for Enterprise accounts. Once logged into, a user sees all the available, linked accounts they have access to. Use cases can range from external and internal video, different accounts for different offices, or even at the department level. Internal content is secured at the account level through SSO, with support for a variety of corporate directories. It requires viewers to login before they can watch, and monitors usage on a per viewer basis.

Coming with the organization feature is also a new way to login to manage accounts. This is now done through linking the login to a corporate directory, such as Okta or OneLogin. Once a user logs in, using the same credentials they use to login to other services through the directory, they will be presented with the organization view.

Admins at the organization level can choose which users have access to which accounts as well. So someone might be setup to manage exclusively an internal account, while another user might be setup to manage all accounts under the organization feature.

The organization feature is available now from IBM Cloud Video for users that utilize multiple accounts.

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