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Delay means opportunities lost to competition. Cloud Pak for Applications speeds up your move to the cloud

Cloud-based tools and practices improve performance, scalability—and most importantly—they can be a catalyst to more rapid innovation for your customers. Competitive pressures compel enterprises to embrace app modernization that improve application performance and management. These new cloud-native apps bring differentiating features like advanced data analytics and AI so that they can deliver more value to their customers, faster than before.

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There are also internal pressures on an organization. Teams have to unite to create an agile DevOps culture before modernization and cloud-native development are possible. Often, developers and operations teams have different priorities, and architects are tasked with bringing them together.   

  • Enterprise developers need an agile, self-service environment to quickly build, test, and deploy applications in a modern, microservice-based architecture.
  • Operations teams need best practices, standards-based tools, and templates that allow them to maintain enough control to confidently move to cloud without disrupting the existing business.
  • Enterprise architects need to feel confident that their chosen application patterns will benefit from the cloud-native infrastructure on which they are deployed, meet the needs of their customers, and maintain continuous compliance.

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications provides architects, developers, and operations with the tools they need to quickly build applications on any cloud.

Developers, Architects, Operations with differing requirements

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications is also the best place for existing IBM middleware clients to modernize applications with integrated modernization toolkits (to better understand the challenge modernization represents and the payoffs, see Three ways to drive customer value and remove infrastructure burdens).

Developers: Tools and runtimes they need

The self-service portal allows developers to download the bundle that contains all of the tools they need and provides them with runtimes like Open Liberty, Spring, Node, Swift, and traditional WebSphere. With IBM Cloud Pak for Applications, developers can rapidly bootstrap projects and deliver value in record time.

Unified environment with IBM Cloud Pak

Get started building new applications on proven software stacks that are pre-configured to work with the integrated logging and monitoring services and support high availability and scalability of the application, as well as DevOps processes for continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Cloud Pak for Application support for open source

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications delivers support for programming languages that are designed for cloud-native, including Knative, Java programming models, Microprofile, Java Enterprise Edition, Jakarta EE and Spring, Node.js, Swift, Reactive, and CodeWind—all built on a Kubernetes-based container platform running on Red Hat OpenShift.

Operations team: Visibility into the entire cloud estate

Operations teams want to protect current investments, lower the total cost of ownership, and modernize assets.  Architects want to enhance application performance and increase customer satisfaction.      IBM Application Navigator, a part of IBM Cloud Pak for Applications, provides your operations team with visibility across the entire estate during your journey from traditional middleware to containers. It also gives architects a view of the whole application so they know it is running smoothly. The new tools meet compliance standards and provide admins with the control they need.

Monitor with native capabilities

IBM Application Navigator provides a way to define, visualize, and navigate hybrid and cloud-native applications. IBM Application Navigator provides visibility into all applications, with the added ability to drill-down into the respective components. The user experience surpasses the infrastructure view offered by Kubernetes platform consoles, which only focus on container infrastructure. This means that it takes less time to manage apps and debug problems thanks to configurable menu options with scriptable commands directly associated with application components.

Cloud modernization = Integrate existing app investments + innovative new cloud-native apps

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications supports your existing middleware while you create new cloud-native applications and allows you to modernize your legacy application stack to a cloud-native environment. But what does modernization mean and why is everyone talking about it?

Application modernization key points

Modernization allows you to change the developer experience by creating and delivering new applications and services quickly through adoption and containerization. Deploy enterprise applications on hybrid cloud and multicloud platforms.  

Cloud migration tools for traditional apps

IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor quickly analyzes and reports on your existing applications. It assesses applications and middleware components to determine if they are simple, medium, or complex and provides guidance in each case for how to modernize them. Using Transformation Advisor, you can quickly build a report that helps you plan your modernization journey and estimate the time and costs involved.

Bring together the agility of newer models of application development and microservices with the capabilities of your existing middleware, databases, and processes. IBM Cloud Pak for Applications meets your need for an end-to-end, self-service development and modernization solution.

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Cloud Pak for Application key value

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