Velocity NY Recap: Emerging Tech, New Ideas and More

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Velocity NY Recap: Emerging Tech, New Ideas and More

Credit: O’Reilly Conferences

Credit: O’Reilly Conferences

O’Reilly Media is widely known around the world as one of the best technology conference hosts, and Velocity NY this week definitely solidified that reputation.

Featuring more than 100 speakers and more than 80 sponsors, the best and brightest in technology and web performance flocked to New York City to spread their knowledge, share their projects and learn from their peers.

While there were too many great speakers and presentations to mention in a single blog post, here are a few highlights from the week that we really enjoyed.

Technology as if People Mattered by Dylan Richard, Modest, Inc.

In 2012, Dylan Richard led a team of 40 engineers for the Obama for America Technology Team, the tech-focused arm of the presidential campaign. There, he learned a valuable lesson about technology: That it can actually make things more difficult if it doesn’t fit your needs.

His talk focused on why we really use technology — and that’s to make people more efficient — and he argued that sometimes people get more caught up in what technology can do as opposed to how it can help. This might not be a new lesson, but it is forgotten time and time again, and definitely needs repeating. And Dylan does it in a very pedagogic and entertaining way.

“Technology only matters when it makes people better and makes them more effective,” Richard said. “You might have better tools to do a job because of technology, but in some cases, the best tool might just be a shovel.”

Technology As If People Mattered - Dylan Richard keynote

Speed vs. Fluency: What Drives User Engagement By Kent Alstad, Radware

We’re all about speed at Load Impact, but we also know there’s more to a website or app’s success than just that.

Working with the market research firm, Neurostrata, Kent Alstad learned that website users demand more than just fast load times from their websites. He said it’s imperative that users quickly understand how to accomplish their goals on a website, as well.

Alstad has been working in tech for more than 20 years, and this presentation on the benefits of an intuitive user experience is further proof that he’s one of the brightest minds in the industry, and one that tends to look outside of the box for answers.

A Day in the Life: An Immersive Data Experience By David Boloker, IBM

As one of the longest-operating and most successful tech leaders in the world, IBM is at the forefront of emerging technology.

In this keynote presentation, David Boloker shows off several ways people can use IBM Watson technology to prepare for their workday, gather insights while they’re not online and even (“safely enough”) fly a drone!

A Day in the Life: An Immersive Data Experience - David Boloker (Velocity NY)

There is a Client-Side Proxy (ServiceWorker) in Your Browser! By Ilya Grigorik, Google

Ilya Grigorik is one of the most respected minds in technology right now, and this talk explaining ServiceWorker is evidence why.

For the uninitiated, ServiceWorker is a programmable client-side proxy that enables you to intercept and interact with outgoing requests — forward them, rewrite them, synthesize responses, serve from cache, and much more.

You can find the slides for the presentation here, and there’s a great explanation on GitHub, too.

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