Using Automation Technology to Support a Landmark Supreme Court Ruling

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Read how an IBM Cloud Pak solution helps uphold the US Constitution.

Case study: "How IT upholds the US Constitution"

US citizens take for granted the right to a fair trial, including free public defense for those who cannot afford to pay for representation.

But this right wasn’t truly assured until the Supreme Court’s landmark Gideon v. Wainwright ruling in 1963. Since then, state-level courts have run Indigent Defense Systems that help ensure justice for all.

Today, however, some Indigent Defense Systems are overburdened by increasing caseloads and inefficient administrative processes.

Fortunately, IBM Business Partner Prolifics has a solution. Prolifics used IBM Cloud Pak for Automation software to help a southern state’s Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) automate key processes and gain critical efficiencies in its Indigent Defense System.


“We’ve streamlined so much of the process. The system isn’t just single threaded. It’s automated to the point that if anything sits at any point out of the process in a queue, it'll automatically kick over to number two, number three in order to keep the process going.”  - Matt Garst, Head of North America Sales, IBM Business Partner Prolifics

“All the way through, the entire process is completely transparent. Every step of the process, you can see who has it and where there are bottlenecks.” - Matt Garst  

“From start to finish it was 45 to 60 days on average. Attorneys sometimes waited months to be paid. Now, with automation, we are down to 10 days or less. That’s actually less than the time allotted by the law.” – Matt Garst

About Prolifics

A global provider of IT engineering services and solutions, IBM Business Partner Prolifics works closely with customers to understand their vision and use its industry and technology expertise to accelerate that vision to market.

Read the full case study about Prolifics and the AOC

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